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Released 2020

Hinterlands of Hope 

Hinterlands of Hope is the real-life account of the challenges faced by a Lost Boy during the Second Sudanese Civil War. At the mere age of six, Daniel Yamun Ukang fled in terror from his home in South Sudan when the Khartoum Government attacked his village. Forced to fend for himself, Daniel trekked more than a thousand miles across the Sahara to Ethiopia. His journey of hope and hardship will be etched in your heart and memory forever. 


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“From the cover of Hinterlands of Hope to the end, it is an amazing real-life story of a young boy's struggle to survive as a refugee from the Second Sudanese Civil War. Against the backdrop of political and military conflict, you will follow Daniel Yamun Ukang on foot as he sets out across the Sahara desert seeking safety. I found it to be a real page-turner and an inspiration. It highlights some of humankind's worst and some of humankind's best. It is a phenomenal account that I wish everyone could read--and perhaps they will."

~Marsha MacDonald~

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“Hinterlands of Hope is an eye-opening book. It is a story of survival and perseverance that will inspire you and make you look at your life and appreciate what you have. It will help you to gain strength and faith during painful moments. It will give you hope and the courage to do what's right."

Judy A. Bernstein, Co-Author of They Poured Fire on Us From The Sky and Disturbed In Their Nests.

This book is absolutely captivating, to think about what Daniel went through is tragic and triumph at the same time. I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel and his beautiful smile and happy spirit will melt your heart. Please follow his page on FB and attend book signings. He is a great person to meet and to read about.


I read this book in one day...I couldn’t put it down. Have you ever wondered, who are the Lost Boys of Sudan? Daniel Ukang’s book will fill you in on not only the harrowing journey he made across parts of Africa starting at six years old, but also glimpses into his family life in Africa and finally here in the United States. Truly an amazing, inspiring story.

~Patty Bartley Christenson~


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About Daniel Yamun Ukang

Daniel Yamun Ukang, of the South Sudan Luo tribe, immigrated to San Diego, California in 2001 as a refugee from the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya where he lived for more than a decade with sixteen thousand other Lost Boys.